Measure hydrogen fluoride (HF)

Measure hydrogen fluoride (HF)

Picarro G2205 Analyzer

Continuously detect precise amounts of hydrogen fluoride.

  • Simultaneous, precise measurement of HF and H2O
  • Parts-per-trillion sensitivity, precision and accuracy with virtually no drift
  • Fast, continuous, real-time measurements without interference
  • Large dynamic range with high linearity
  • Field and laboratory deployable with no consumables
  • Installed and operational in minutes
  • Rugged and insensitive to changes in ambient temperature

The Picarro G2205 is the world's most sensitive HF analyzer, capable of measuring down to 10 parts per trillion. This simple-to-use analyzer can be operated remotely with sampling rates as fast as 1 Hz, producing drift-free data with up to four digits of precision. In addition, the high dynamic range means it can deliver a linear response for HF concentrations as high as parts per million, with an absolute accuracy of better than 1% of the measured value.

The Picarro G2205 analyzer is ideal for use in industrial environments where HF may be present, such as aluminum smelting or glass/glassware production.

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Typical performance data from a Picarro G2205 HF analyzer showing its extremely low detection limit and precision.