Standards Delivery Module - A0101

Standards Delivery Module - A0101

The World's Only Liquid Standard Delivery System

  • Self-contained field deployable module - compact, benchtop system
  • Collapsible bag eliminates head space, ensures entire standard is usable
  • Automated delivery of two standards at three concentrations
  • Easier to set up, simpler to program than standard autosamplers
  • Automatic, reliable unattended operation for weeks after setup
  • Simple post-processing of data with intuitive software, free batch processing software included
  • Quick verification of instrument calibration

The Picarro Standards Delivery Module is a breakthrough system that makes automated sample collection and data calibration of isotopic water samples in the field simple and reliable. The SDM can operate autonomously for as long as four weeks unattended and can be fully controlled via remote Internet connection. With the capability to deliver two standards, the Picarro SDM provides a critical extra calibration point to maximize data precision and accuracy as compared to other types of water vapor autosampling systems. The Picarro SDM integrates seamlessly with the Picarro L1115-i, L2120-and L2130-i isotopic water analyzers.

Unlike existing standards delivery systems reliant on nebulizer bottles, the Picarro SDM has a unique collapsible bag mechanism for storage of standards. The collapsible bag shrinks as standards are used. This automatic shrinkage eliminates headspace and ensures an entire standard can be used without data degradation due to evaporation in the bottle and corresponding fractionation of the water standard. Elimination of evaporation and fractionation risks results in significantly more reliable, accurate and precise data collection with the SDM as compared to other water vapor autosampling systems. As compared to 100-200 ml of standard required by most nebulizer-based systems, the Picarro SDM consumes an order of magnitude less per standard (< 0.08 ml).

The Picarro SDM requires no special software to control injection frequency and can be programmed through the standard interface on a Picarro analyzer and runs natively on the analyzer's host computer. The valves and other critical mechanisms on the SDM can be easily controlled remotely via the Internet. This allows for remote changes in concentrations of standards, a capability that ensures accurate and precise data samples for extended periods spanning several weeks.

Configuration of the integrated SDM and analyzer software is remarkably intuitive and fast. Default parameters on the software accommodate most research requirements. Standard data output includes not only calibration data but also vapor measurement data. The software eliminates the need for additional post-processing in Excel or other software packages and reduces the average processing time of water vapor data from over an hour to roughly 30 seconds.

No tools are required for the setup and installation of an SDM. The SDM can be placed on top of a Picarro analyzer and does not require a level surface or space for setup. Physical setup requires about 10 minutes. The footprint and mass of the SDM is significantly less than that of autosamplers and nebulizer systems. The combined footprint of a Picarro analyzer and SDM combined is less than half that of competing isotopic analyzer and autosampler suites. The smaller footprint means a single person can carry and install a field kit.

The SDM can accept sample data from two collection points. The components of the SDM are robust and field ready. The liquid pump operates for years and the onboard air pump can operate for 10,000 hours before replacement is required. The liquid lines and needles used for the SDM are good for approximately five field campaigns and the Drierite lasts for 2-4 weeks of field or lab readings, depending on frequency and duration of sample collection.