G2132-i Isotope Analyzer

Measures δ13C for CH4

The Picarro G2132-isotope analyzer precisely measures the ratio of stable isotopes 13C to 12C in methane (CH4). Methane is both a valuable source of energy and a greenhouse gas. By precisely measuring the ratio of 13C to 12C, the Picarro G2132-analyzer enables scientists to determine the source of methane, whether it is fugitive emissions from a dairy farm, landfill, or hydraulic fracturing well, and to identify methane sources and sinks in wetlands.

  • Isotopic measurements with superb precision and stability for critical methane source identification
  • Direct measurement of CH4—no sample-drying or preparation required
  • Less calibration, less maintenance, no consumables 
  • Equipped with ChemDetect™ to sense contaminants in the samples

δ13C isotopes in carbon dioxide are utilized differentially by photosynthesis. Therefore, δ13C isotopic signatures can be used directly as a source attribution for plants—such as place of origin and authenticity of plant-derived foods and beverages. δ13C isotopic signatures can also be used indirectly for analysis of the diets of plant-eating animals. This enables an understanding of animal eating patterns as well as the authenticity of food of animal origin. The G2132-ianalyzer can be paired with a variety of peripherals to extend and expand functionality.

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