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New Picarro Water Isotope Analyzer Makes The Quantum Performance Leap with Per Meg Precision

New Picarro Water Isotope Analyzer Makes The Quantum Performance Leap with Per Meg Precision

Santa Clara, CA - August 24, 2011: Picarro, the world’s leading provider of instruments for carbon and water cycle measurements, announced today the L2130-i, a new water isotope analyzer that advances measurement precision to a new level enabling scientists unprecedented capability to measure fine scale changes in the global water cycle or extractions from a milligram of tissue.

Greenhouse Gas Measurement in Harsh Environments

In this webinar, Dr Christine O’Connell (Silver Lab, Berkeley) will discuss the application of the G2508 and Eosense eosAC chamber system to studying redox and drought conditions in a montane rainforest in Puerto Rico. Dr. Nick Nickerson (Eosense) will continue the discussion with demonstration of the use of the Picarro GasScouter in an off-grid wetland deployment with the eosAC chamber system, as well as demonstration of a portable survey-style application in a coastal barren/wetland ecosystem. Dr. Gregor Lucic (Picarro) will finish up the discussion by providing an overview of how a modular approach to CRDS technology can open doors for new and exciting datasets.

O2, CO2, and Chlorophyll Walk into a Leaf...

As the research and development of renewable energy sources increases in momentum, it was great to have the opportunity to participate in the First European Photosynthesis Congress held at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala, Sweden.

VHP of just 30 ppb can oxidize and ruin pharmaceuticals

As biologics have supplanted small molecules as the dominant focus for many leading pharmaceutical companies, robust manufacturing processes for isolators and RABS continues to be an evolving process. In this environment, as the need for significantly better VHP monitoring has grown quickly, Picarro H 2 O 2 analyzers have increased
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