Carbon Isotopes, Liaison Interface

Carbon Isotopes, Liaison Interface

LiaisonTM Universal Interface for Bulk 13C Analysis - A0301

Extends Picarro isotopic CO2 analysis to virtually any elemental analyzer. Fully automated for high throughput. Installs in minutes.

  • Brings isotope analyses to the installed base of front-end elemental analyzer systems
  • Provides high precision δ13C analyses
  • Fully automated for high throughput
  • Laboratory and field station deployable, easy to install

Liaison enables scientists to connect Picarro's Isotopic CO2 analyzer to a commercially available sample preparation elemental analyzer, such as the Costech 4010, for bulk stable isotope analysis (BSIA). This capability brings unprecedented ease of use and low cost of ownership to labs unable to invest in the complexity and cost of isotope ratio mass spectrometry (IRMS).

The Liaison can interface other front end systems to a Picarro Isotopic CO2 analyzer. This includes the AutomateFX for Dissolved Inorganic Carbon (DIC) analysis and the Picarro Combustion Module for carbon BSIA. The Picarro analyzer controls the front-end (including autosamplers) and also manages all gas flow between the CO2 generating system, Liaison and the CRDS instrument. Liaison is an ideal solution for a wide range of bulk 13C analysis applications.