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Picarro’s New SAM-C Supports up to 32 Sampling Points for Real-Time Airborne Molecular Contamination Monitoring in Semiconductor Fabs

Santa Clara, CA – September 29, 2021 – Picarro Inc., a leading provider of gas concentration analyzers and systems for industrial and semiconductor manufacturing applications, today announced the availability of the SAM-C, a chemical contamination monitoring system that quickly and accurately identifies the location of airborne molecular contamination (AMC) events that can reduce wafer yields in semiconductor fabs. The new Picarro SAM-C system can be configured to support up to 32 sampling points, doubling the coverage of the Picarro SAM-S. The SAM-C can be paired with up to four Picarro gas analyzers to measure ammonia (NH3), hydrogen fluoride (HF), and hydrogen chloride (HCl), sulfur dioxide (SO2) and Hydrogen sulfide (H2S. With the SAM-C, semiconductor fab operators will be better able to identify and control more chemical contaminants to maximize wafer yield.

“As the demand for semiconductors continues to outpace the supply, it’s more important than ever for fabs to maximize wafer yield,” said Kevin Liu, Vice President of Picarro Sales and Marketing, Semiconductor. “With the SAM-C, Picarro provides a ready-to-deploy solution that can monitor even more sampling points, helping fab operators quickly find and address inorganic and organic contaminants before they impact yield.” 

Picarro SAM Systems
The Picarro SAM Systems integrate Picarro’s industry leading cavity ring-down spectroscopy (CRDS) analyzers into a high-performance sampling system. Traditional sampler designs use a linear manifold that limits the gas flow rate to each analyzer, limiting the sensor performance due to design inefficiencies. Time to detect a contaminant is ultimately affected, which can lead to a false alarm or even missing an event altogether. The SAM systems are designed and manufactured by Picarro and optimized to ensure the highest combined performance, utilizing a patent-pending non-linear multiplexing system that enables high gas flow rates, minimizes cross port contamination, and quickly reports accurate analyte concentrations. This makes the Picarro SAMs an ideal choice for an in-line, real-time chemical contaminant monitoring system. 

About Picarro
Picarro is a leading provider of solutions to measure gas concentrations across many scientific and industrial applications. The Semiconductor portfolio provides industry leading solutions for real-time AMC and chemical contaminant monitoring in process chambers. Patented cavity ring-down spectroscopy (CRDS) technology offers significant advantages compared with incumbent measurement techniques, such as ion-mobility spectrometry (IMS) and ion chromatography. Picarro’s analyzers enable responses to contaminants in the cleanroom in seconds, not hours. With real-time continuous parts-per-trillion (ppt) level analysis, Picarro analyzers provide early warning of contamination events for contamination monitoring in cleanrooms, FOUP, and fab equipment.

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