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Picarro and Sonoma Technology Expand Partnership to Deliver High Quality Environmental Monitoring Solutions and Services

Innovative measurement technology, software, and expert services will be combined to address industrial air quality, environmental justice, community monitoring and other challenges

Santa, CA and Petaluma, CA — July 20, 2021 — Picarro, Inc. (Picarro), a leading provider of gas concentration and stable isotope analyzers and systems for scientific and industrial applications, and Sonoma Technology, Inc. (STI), a global provider of innovative, science- and technology-based solutions for environmental applications, today announced that they have signed a channel partner agreement. Through this agreement, STI will combine Picarro’s industry-leading gas concentration monitoring technology with its expert services to provide comprehensive systems and solutions for measurement, monitoring and analysis of ethylene oxide, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, and formaldehyde. Utilizing Picarro analyzers to produce data with exceptional accuracy on the concentration of these hazardous chemicals in emissions gas streams and the environment, STI clients will be better able to address industrial air quality compliance, environmental justice, community monitoring, and other challenges. 

“We’ve been working with Picarro for years and have successfully used their gas concentration analyzers on several projects,” Lyle Chinkin, CEO at STI. “This new partnership agreement facilitates even closer collaboration between our companies and provides us with access to a broader range of analyzers, enabling us to continue to deliver the best technology and expert consulting to all our clients.” 

“Protecting the health of our fenceline communities requires not only continuous, precision measurement of hazardous pollutants, but also the skills to analyze and interpret that data,” said Joel Avrunin, Vice President Industrial Sales and Marketing at Picarro. “By partnering with STI, Picarro can help bring these critical capabilities to medical sterilization facilities, fumigation and abatement operations, energy producers, and chemical manufacturers along with governments, community interest groups, and legal consultants.”
 About Sonoma Technology, Inc. 
Organizations and individuals trust Sonoma Technology for science-based expertise and products to understand and protect their health and the environment.  Sonoma Technology empowers diverse organizations, communities, and individuals to make sound decisions about their environment so they can be healthier and more successful.  Our integrated teams of atmospheric scientists and software engineers deliver products, services, and measurements tailored to meet each client’s unique needs. We then clearly convey relevant information to enable informed decisions by government and industry about air-quality issues. For more information visit:

About Picarro, Inc
Picarro is a leading provider of solutions to measure greenhouse gas (GHG) concentrations, trace gases and stable isotopes across many scientific and industrial applications. Our portfolio of gas analyzers and systems enables scientists around the world to measure GHGs, trace gases and stable isotopes found in the air we breathe, water we drink and land we harvest. Picarro’s industrial solutions range from advanced natural gas leak detection and emissions quantification technology for utilities companies, to trace gas analysis for semiconductor AMC monitoring, and isolator applications for pharmaceutical manufacturing. Our patented Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS) is at the heart of all Picarro instruments, enabling the detection of target molecules at parts per billion or better resolution. For more information on Picarro’s portfolio of solutions, visit

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