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Picarro Announces Extended Range Measurement Capability on Semiconductor Environmental and Cleanroom Applications for all SI2000 Series Gas Analyzers

The Picarro SI2000 Series gas analyzers perform continuous real-time AMC monitoring of the reactive gases HF, NH3, HCl and H2S

Santa Clara, CA — March 29, 2018 — Picarro Inc., a leading provider of trace gas analyzers for a variety of air monitoring applications, announces improved capability on all SI2000 Series gas analyzers for extended range measurement capability. For HF, NH3 and HCl, the new SI2000 Series analyzers provide extended measuring range from mid PPB to PPM concentration levels. This extended range allows the analyzers to meet expanded cleanroom air environmental applications, such as Sub-FAB floor and plenum area installations, as well as additional FOUP process monitoring applications, including photolithography and etching.

Picarro’s patented and proven-in-use technology, cavity ring-down spectroscopy (CRDS), used in our analyzers, enables an effective measurement path length of up to 20 kilometers in a compact cavity of 35 cc in volume. This results in our analyzers delivering exceptional precision and sensitivity. The innovative SI2000 Series analyzers combines best-in-class performance, SEMI and IEC standards compliance, easy installation and very low cost of annual maintenance compared to any other AMC monitoring technique.

Thomas Owano, Picarro’s Chief Product Officer commented that "multiple sizeable investments in Picarro SI2000 analyzers by major Semiconductor Electronics manufacturers around the world confirm the value of real-time, high-speed continuous AMC monitoring by Picarro’s CRDS analyzers in improving yield in their production processes."

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