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Picarro Introduces Highest Stability and Sensitivity available in Formaldehyde Gas Concentration Analyzer

Picarro engineers gas concentration analyzer suitable for long-term unattended operation which continuously measures H2CO at remarkable parts-per-trillion level

Santa Clara, CA — April 5, 2018 — Picarro Inc., a leading provider of gas concentration and isotope analyzers and systems for industrial and science applications, announces the introduction of the Picarro G2307 formaldehyde gas concentration analyzer for field or laboratory deployment. Atmospheric scientists, researchers, and air quality specialists need ultra-precise and stable measurements of formaldehyde gas in ambient air. In many applications, ultra-high sensitivity is also required to assure the accuracy of their measurements and the safety of their environments. And aspects like ease-of use, field deployment, and minimal maintenance of a precision instrument are highly desirable.

The G2307 formaldehyde gas concentration analyzer guarantees an impressive drift specification of ±1.5 parts-per-billion (ppb) over 24 hours of continuous operation, the best in its class. Additionally, the Picarro device shatters previous measurement specifications with a new world-class low-detection limit of 300 parts-per-trillion (ppt).

With the latest advancements, measurement response time is no longer hindered by the propensity of H2CO molecules to adhere to pathway surfaces. The G2307 analyzer incorporates coated components in the critical gas pathway, resulting in a response time measurement of less than 1 minute for 90/10 Fall/Rise time challenge from 0-20 ppb and 20-0 ppb. This combination adds up to long-term stability, continuous, real-time measurement of formaldehyde gas requiring infrequent calibration and low maintenance.

Patented Picarro cavity ring-down spectroscopy (CRDS) technology makes the G2307 analyzer ideal for atmospheric research and monitoring of formaldehyde from automobile and aircraft exhaust, photochemical smog, and incinerator emissions. The analyzer can also be used to measure sensitive trace and ambient formaldehyde for indoor air quality. Indoor sources of formaldehyde in residential and industrial structures include out-gassing from foam installation and from particleboard and plywood used in building and furniture construction.

In addition, the G2307 analyzer measures H2O and CH4 concentrations and can report CH2O in dry-basis mole fractions. The analyzer features a small footprint and is relatively lightweight for easy transport from site to site, whether a laboratory or in the field. The analyzer can be unpacked, installed, and placed in operation within minutes. And the analyzer can operate unattended and without calibration for months.

"Picarro's devices are the gold standard for continuous ambient air monitoring. Only CRDS provides users with the precision and guaranteed long term stability that enables the data quality and methodologies needed for important scientific and regulatory environments," said Iain Green, VP of Worldwide Marketing and Scientific Sales.

Why measuring formaldehyde matters?

Formaldehyde is a simple organic compound that naturally exists in the air, plants, and some foods. It’s also an important chemical found in many consumer products. In low levels, the human body can generally process and interact with formaldehyde without harm. But recently, formaldehyde exposure limits have been closely examined, and a new safety standard established. Picarro's G2307 formaldehyde analyzer is the new gold standard for precise and reliable measurements.

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