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Leading Atmospheric Science Researcher and Forest Ecologist, Beverly Law, Joins Picarro's Scientific Advisory Board

Santa Clara, CA – Picarro, the world's leading provider of instruments for carbon and water cycle measurements, announced today the addition of Professor Beverly Law to the company's Scientific Advisory Board. Dr. Law serves as the lead investigator on several key measurement and modeling research initiatives examining variations in terrestrial carbon sources and sinks resulting from climate changes and other disturbances such as wildfires and land use policies. She is currently a professor of Global Change Forest Science in the College of Forestry at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Ore. She holds a B.S. in Forest Resources and Conservation from the University of Florida (1980) and a Ph.D. in Forest Science from Oregon State (1993).

The author of numerous peer-reviewed articles over the past two decades, Dr. Law's research focuses on the biogeochemical and ecological processes in forests, woodlands and shrublands. Using Eddy Covariance / Flux methodologies and other advanced atmospheric and ecological measurement techniques that rely on sophisticated and sensitive instrumentation, Dr. Law is on the leading edge of research efforts to measure trace gas exchanges between terrestrial ecosystems and the atmosphere. She has won a number of prestigious awards including the National Center for Atmospheric Research Advanced Studies Award (2008) and the World Meteorological Organization International Award for meteorology publication (2004).

"We are honored to gain the participation of a true leader in deploying and testing cutting-edge instrumentation for measuring the global carbon and water cycles in the field – lines of inquiry that are of critical importance to Picarro and our growing customer base," says Eric Crosson, Picarro's Chief Technology Officer. "Bev's input and insights on applied instrumentation and her ability to quickly provide feedback based on literally thousands of hours of real-world experience will be a tremendous help to Picarro in our ongoing quest to improve and innovate on solutions for flux researchers around the world."

Picarro's research-driven approach to building the most innovative scientific instruments for the study of carbon, water and nitrogen cycles at global, regional and local scales has enabled the company to become the global gold standard among greenhouse gas measurement instruments and the market leader in stable isotope measurement systems. Picarro's portfolio of innovative solutions is designed to extend scientists' research capabilities to any location on Earth and to radically simplify the measurement of air, food, and water at the highest precision levels achievable.