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Picarro Launches New Web Site on Trace Gas and Isotope Instrumentation

Sunnyvale, CA – Picarro has launched a new web site that provides detailed technical, product, and applications information on the company's line of trace gas and isotopic analyzers for the environmental, energy, process control and semiconductor markets. In particular, the site contains extensive background material on the theory and operation of WS-CRDS (Wavelength-Scanned Cavity Ring Down Spectroscopy) technology, and also provides links to relevant articles and case studies. Sample data from each instrument, including models that measure the carbon isotope ratio (δ13C), water vapor isotopes ratios (δ16O, δD), various greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane, and other gas concentrations are also included.

"Our portable WS-CRDS technology offers unique capabilities for trace gas and isotopic measurements, especially because it delivers greater convenience and ease of use than traditional instruments," states Michael Woelk, Picarro CEO. "However, we recognize that many customers that could benefit from WS-CRDS don't yet understand the technology, or simply aren't aware of its simplicity and precision. To address this, we've constructed our new web site to provide the information necessary for people to understand how this technology works and where it can be employed to greatest advantage."