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Picarro Introduces Liaison™ Universal Interface

New Interface Connects Picarro Isotopic Carbon Analyzers to a Broad Range of Commercially-Available Sample Preparation Front Ends; Delivers Unprecedented Ease of Use and Low Cost of Ownership compared to IRMS

AGU Meeting, San Francisco, Calif. (Booth #229)—December 15, 2009—Picarro, Inc., the maker of the world's highest performing and easiest to use gas analyzers, today announced that it will debut its Liaison™ Universal Interface at the AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco, Calif.. Liaison is the world's first fully-automated interface that will enable scientists to connect Picarro's Isotopic CO2 analyzers to the existing installed base of commercially-available sample preparation front-ends for bulk stable isotope analysis. This capability brings unprecedented ease of use and low cost of ownership to labs that are currently challenged by the complexity and cost of isotope ratio mass spectrometry (IRMS).

"Picarro's Liaison is the right solution for linking sample preparation front ends with CRDS," said Professor J.T. Brenna of Cornell University. "It enables the automation necessary for a busy laboratory, with the stability, precision, and robustness of CRDS."

Liaison is uniquely positioned to introduce the benefits of Picarro's Cavity Ring-down Spectroscopy (CRDS), which include high-precision, ease of use, and portability to a plethora of continuous-flow applications that would otherwise be impossible. Scientists whose research is currently limited by the complexity and price tag associated with IRMS now have an affordable option that will work with their existing sample preparation equipment.

Liaison will be an ideal solution for a wide range of bulk 13C analysis applications, including food authenticity and safety, plant biology, oceanography, soil analysis, green chemistry compliance and vector control in public health.

"Picarro customers are at the leading edge of innovation, and cannot be constrained by the cost and complexity inherent in traditional carbon analysis tools. Liaison makes it easy for scientists to measure 13C in real-time, in their labs or in the field," said Michael Woelk, CEO of Picarro. "And with an installed base of thousands of commercially-available sample prep devices, we believe there is a tremendous market for Liaison."

About Liaison™ Universal Interface

Today, there is an installed base of thousands of commercially available sample preparation front-ends, used by scientists to prepare samples of soil, water, plant materials and many other substances for continuous flow applications. Until now, their only option was to use costly and time-consuming IRMS technology to conduct their carbon analysis — which put significant constraints on the types of research they could conduct. With Liaison, Picarro provides equipment to link these existing sample prep tools to a Picarro CO2 analyzer. Picarro analyzers are compact, rugged and portable, making them ideal for deployment in both the field and lab, and they offer more reliable performance than IRMS.

Picarro will be exhibiting and presenting at the 2009 AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco. Government organizations, scientists and media interested in meeting with the company at the event can contact Iain Green at (408) 962-3942 or [email protected].