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Picarro Expands the World's Leading Technology for Greenhouse Gas and Water Cycle Research with Three New Additions

New CRDS Analyzers Offer Nitrous Oxide, GHG Flux and Water Vapor Measurement Capabilities with Industry-Leading Portability, Ease of Use and Performance

AGU Meeting, San Francisco, Calif. (Booth #229)—December 15, 2009—Picarro, Inc., the maker of the world's highest performing and easiest to use gas analyzers, today announced an expanded line-up of greenhouse gas (GHG) analyzers aimed at helping its customers tackle the most difficult types of GHG measurements. The new products provide the same durability and performance of Picarro's traditional analyzers, allowing atmospheric scientists to more precisely and easily measure nitrous oxide (N2O) concentrations and water vapor isotopes. Nitrous oxide is a notorious greenhouse gas, with approximately 300 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide. In response to climate change, scientists must develop better models to predict how precipitation patterns will change. Water is the key to life, and its impact on world food production can not be understated.

Picarro will debut its new range of GHG analyzer products at the AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco, Calif. In a related announcement, the company today also introduced Picarro LiaisonTM, a universal interface for easily connecting Picarro analyzers with commercially-available sample preparation front-ends for bulk stable isotope analysis, and the world's first fully automated cavity ring-down spectroscopy (CRDS) system for bulk 13C analysis from solids.

"A single, field-ready instrument able to measure CH4, CO2 and H2O with the time response, precision and accuracy needed for both flux measurements and atmospheric inversion studies is an exciting prospect. This instrument should open new doors in the field of carbon cycle science," notes Dr. Ken Davis, professor of Meteorology at Penn Sate University. "With a second instrument intended for accurate N2O mixing ratio measurements, Picarro is offering versatile, compact and potent instrumentation for biogeochemists working to understand greenhouse gas dynamics in a data-limited world."

New Additions to the Picarro Family of CRDS Analyzers

  • The Picarro G5101-i Isotopic N2O Analyzer—the first truly field deployable cavity ringdown-based analyzer to combine both concentration and isotope measurements of N2O, providing ultra-trace detection of concentration as well as isotopic information at ambient levels. The Picarro G5101-i is capable of detecting small fluctuations in local and global N2O levels, providing the industry's most precise measurements for nitrous oxide.
  • The Picarro G1301-f—the world's only multi-species (CO2, CH4, and H2O) instrument to combine the high-speed required for eddy covariance flux measurements with the proven long-term stability necessary for background GHG concentration measurements. With a single click of the G1301-f software, the analyzer can be configured to run in either flux or concentration measurement mode. The G1301-f enables true 10 Hz flux measurements of CO2 and CH4 in a closed path system which requires virtually no maintenance. The combined characteristics of the G1301-f create a single tool that can be used for soil chamber measurements, canopy microclimate characterizations and long-term GHG monitoring.
  • The Picarro A010 Liquid Standards Delivery Module for Water Vapor Measurements—a module extension for Picarro's existing analyzers, the A0101 enables automatic delivery of liquid standards to isotopic water vapor analyzers, and allows multiple isotopic standards to be run automatically for unattended operation. This capability greatly improves measurement accuracy, even when deployed for extended periods at remote locations, thereby improving understanding and mapping of water vapor. Continuous monitoring coupled with unattended delivery of liquid calibration standards allows Picarro analyzers to be deployed en masse to develop a large autonomous network for monitoring of shifting global hydrological patterns in response to climate change

"With the world's leading environmental scientists and climatologists—many of them Picarro customers—gathered at the COP15 event in Copenhagen and at the AGU conference in San Francisco, GHG measurement is top of mind with researchers, policymakers, private industry and other stakeholders," said Michael Woelk, CEO of Picarro. "As the world looks to set a price for GHGs and regulate them as a public danger, accurate measurement becomes a critical component of sound policy. The ability to measure and analyze trace amounts of all greenhouse gases is critical to the integrity of a greenhouse gas-centric economy."

Picarro will be exhibiting and presenting at the 2009 AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco. Government organizations, scientists and media interested in meeting with the company at the event can contact Iain Green at (408) 962-3942 or [email protected].