Earth Networks

日期: September 1, 2011

Robert Marshall, CEO

GERMANTOWN, MD — We are deploying the world’s largest privately owned greenhouse gas (GHG) measurement network. This network will include 50 Picarro G2301 instruments to measure carbon dioxide and methane in the U.S., with 50 more slated for deployment outside U.S. borders. We are partnering with the Scripps Institution of Oceanography for technical and scientific assistance and construction of the critical data models required to create detailed inversion maps of regional emissions.This is the first private-sector effort to measure critical greenhouse gases and provide more comprehensive data to scientists, governments and businesses that are trying to understand and plan for the impact of recent changes in atmospheric chemistry. Our mission is to take the ‘pulse of the planet’ by measuring key global environmental data on an unprecedented scale, utilizing the latest measurement and networking technologies.Picarro's compact, reliable and simple to use analyzers provide us with the capability to build out the world's largest GHG measurement network and operate that network easily and on a continuous basis, providing unique high-precision GHG emissions data to scientists, governments and other interested parties. We are using Picarro to power our network because it is the only analyzer that can do what we need in terms of precision, reliability, and ease of use. 

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