Picarro Introduces an Oxygen Gas Concentration and Isotope Analyzer

日期: October 3, 2017

We've just introduced the Picarro G2207-i gas concentration and isotope analyzer for atmospheric applications including oxygen monitoring to identify the biogeochemical process involved in the carbon cycle. The analyzer combines high precision and low drift O2 concentration measurement with δ18O analysis in ambient air.

The G2207-i analyzer incorporates two measurement modes: O2 concentration only and δ18O plus O2 concentration. O2 only mode provides the highest performance of the ambient concentration: <2 parts-per-million (ppm) at a 5-minute average. Maximum drift is <6 ppm peak-to-peak (P-P) at standard temperature and pressure (STP) over 24 hours. The analyzer also measures water vapor concentration to compensate and correct for dilution. It reports O2 concentration in dry-mole fraction.