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The Promise of Natural Gas


Natural gas will not live up to its promise without the vital support of a society focused on transparency.

One mustn’t look too far to find a story about natural gas production - whether from the perspective that it will transform the global economy or drive the climate past the point of no return. Whether you’re for gas or against it, the only chance we have to make clearheaded decisions about the issue is through credible measurements and complete transparency.

Mid IR and the Transparency Spectrum

With the release of our newest instrument, the G5101-i for N2O concentration and isotope analysis, Picarro is ready to give scientists (not to mention policy makers and concerned citizens) more insight into the global nitrogen cycle and its interdependence with agriculture, climate, and the Earth’s natural ecosystems. Now our customers can easily and precisely measure the four most critical greenhouse gases: carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), water vapor (H2O), and nitrous oxide (N2O).

Truth and Transparency About What’s Being Emitted into Our Air

Methane and City CarbonTM have become buzzwords here at Picarro. Surely anyone familiar with carbon emissions and climate change knows that methane is a potent greenhouse gas and most emissions originate from cities.

Picarro Named World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer 2012 And Our (Modest) Plan to Change the World

World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer 2012 Badge - Vertical

Today the World Economic Forum announced that Picarro had been selected as a Technology Pioneer 2012. This is a tremendous honor and a proud day for all Picarro employees! The World Economic Forum is one of the most prestigious collaborative problem-solving organizations on the planet.