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Collect and analyze
data in the field.
Natural Sciences Field Research

Natural Sciences Field Research

Generate data in the field and analyze it on the spot to fast track critical environmental research. With real-time results, you will be able to identify trends faster and pursue new research questions as they emerge, without returning to the lab.

Wherever you go—from Antarctica to the Andes to the Sahara—Picarro’s rugged and compact systems measure concentration and isotope ratios for the most important molecules, with up to parts per billion resolution. You can use gas, liquid or solid samples; our handling accessories will make them work.

This is your lab away from the lab

  • Set it up in minutes and leave it in the field for months
  • Achieve the highest precision, previously reserved for lab-bound systems
  • Experience low drift, with minimal calibration
  • Access real-time data online, anytime

Quality data has never been more accessible. Picarro products and solutions are designed to allow you to jump straight to the important part of your research—identifying the patterns that break new ground in our understanding of planet earth.