Supply Chain Integrity

A powerfully simple
weapon against fraud.
Supply Chain Integrity

Supply Chain Integrity

Use stable isotopes to confirm the origin of raw chemicals, whether from natural or synthetic sources, and bring new levels of safety to your supply chain.

As the movement of food, pharma, herbicide and pesticide ingredients becomes ever more global and increasingly automated, the room for cheating has grown. Around $50 billion of fraud occurs every year and thousands of people die as a result.

Labels are easily forged or swapped and barcode accounting is expensive. Meanwhile, product testing is resource-intensive, time-consuming and impractical. Until now.

Picarro’s isotope analyzers are the perfect tool for HACCP (Hazard Analysis Certification Critical Control Points). They can be used to quickly and easily test a chemical when it leaves one organization and, again, when it arrives at the next. The isotopic values should match. If not, questions need to be asked.

The instruments can even analyze packing containers or labels to ensure they are of the same material as the expected shipment.

Research Applications

Coca Cola using CRDS

Coca Cola are using CRDS to quantitatively determine the amount of bio-based material in PlantBottle® PET resin. Analyzing and validating large numbers of PlantBottle® samples for bio-content required the development of new analytical methods.

Detecting fraud in global supply chains

Read about the use of Picarro’s technology to track materials in global supply chains in Co.Exist: An Electronic Nose Sniffs out Food from Problem Sources.

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