Factory Refresh Program

Factory Refresh Program

Let Picarro tune-up and revalidate your analyzer so that you can focus on World Class research!

In the Factory Refresh program, analyzers are renewed, tested, and validated by factory-trained technicians to provide you with the highest levels of performance:

  • Renew: Picarro will inspect, repair or replace all wear items
  • Test: Conduct extensive performance testing and quality inspection
  • Validate: Issue a new Certificate of Compliance
  • Update: Update software to provide you with the latest software available for your analyzer

While Picarro analyzers are designed for many years of trouble-free performance, they contain some components that have a finite service life. Maintaining the analyzers so that they can provide the highest possible levels of uptime requires inspection and/or replacement of these components.

Let Picarro factory-trained technicians inspect your analyzer, replace wear items, update the software and subject it to rigorous performance and quality testing. Upon successful completion of testing, Picarro will issue a brand new Certificate of Compliance confirming your system meets or exceeds all original specifications.

Pricing: For exact pricing, please call Picarro and speak with one of our Technical Sales Engineering staff.